Josh Tighe

Josh Tighe

Friday, 23 March 2012

Dennis Irwin Crocodile hunter


after Thursdays session I was pretty tired so I just did a 40 minute run in the morning to the track to watch Karl, Nick,  Jake and Zane do a session. The session went pretty well for me as I just lied on the grass listening to music whilst watching all of them train hard. I think watching a session at altitude is more benificial than watching a session at sea level so overall I was quite pleased with myself. 

                                                 Big track session

I was also happy that Nick managed to run the right way round the track and the fact that his willing to train hard in order to loose much needed weight. Keep it up Nick, You're no pussy man!


Me and Nick got up early to do a hill session so that In the afternoon we could go cliff Jumping like Sly Stallone in the film Cliffhanger. We did 15x100m hill sprints with hop down recovery, I struggled with the hopping after the 8th rep but Nick was going strong with all the previous hopping his been doing before I got here, he could tell I was struggling a little with the hopping but kept saying "aye man were no pussies man" I found this really motivating and managed to get through the next 7 hop recoveries quite well.
after we had our rice and beans for dinner we headed up to Kerio View so that we could practice our cliff rock jumping
                                   Jumping from cliff to cliff being lads

Before the cliff jumping began me and Nick had to decide what was the best footwear to use, we had to decide which had the best grip, what would take the most impact and most importantly what would make us look really stylish like David Dickinson or Trevor Mcdonald.
I choose to wear the Salomon Crossmax and Nick choose the Salomon Speedcross, after all of our jumping we knew we made the right choice as we managed to jump really well and most importantly we survived. Karl didn't take part as he didn't have the right footwear but he did do a good job of taking the photos.
Me and Nick decided after all the jumping that when we get back home we will concentrate on getting to the Krypton factor and winning it.


Me Karl and Jake got up at 6am to do our long run so that we had plenty of time to go crocodile hunting like my childhood hero Dennis Irwin. The run went quite well, I managed 2 hours and felt that as each stride went on I was getting strong like I RON MaN.
We headed into town around 10 am and got a taxi to the lake. It took about 50 minutes to get there and was all downhill, it was ridiculously hot in the taxi and at times one of us would say " It's quite hot in here"
Like yesterday Me and Nick had to decide the correct footwear and yet again we both choose the Salomon, this yet again was the RIGHT decision.
When we arrived we walked along a steel girder bridge with a 100ft drop into the Croc infested water, only me and Nick did this as Karl didn't have the right footwear.
               Walking the steel bridge just like on Gladiators before the travelator

Soon as we both crossed we looked down into the water and we could see a Crocodile sunbathing, it looked like the crocodile who modelled for designer brand Lacoste
                                               The Lacoste model

One thing that worried me about this day is that Me and Nick would be challenging each other to do stupid things like see who could go into the water for the longest or wrestle one of them, luckily we didn't challenge each other to do anything and without saying anything we both started climbing down the cliff trying to get as close tho the Crocs, Karl stayed on top of the cliff and did a good job of taking the photos, this was mainly due to the fact he wasn't wearing Salomon footwear.
                                     Climbing the cliffs like Sly Stallone 

When we got to the bottom we waited for a couple of minutes to see if a Crocodile would come out to try and eat us, they didn't as they were being pussies man. We then had to cross the river and climb up the other cliff to see if we could get any Crocs to come out.
                            The Salomon footwear are built to tackle any terrain

I'm quite confident that after all of our climbing that we both have a good chance of making the Krypton factor final or being stuntmen in Cliffhanger 2. Luckily we both managed to survive probably due to the fact that we choose the right footwear Salomon. It's safe to say that me and Nick are like the Hall and Oates of Crocodile hunting/rock climbing.

                                                      Cliffhanger 2

Nothing much happened on Monday or Tuesday due to the fact we were recovering from the weekend and we were training hard like Rocky in Rocky 4, like when his training in the snow lifting trees up and big weights. The best thing that happened was Tuesday afternoon when we did a photo shoot with Tuskins Snr.
                                          Serious faced Tuskins Snr

We're hoping that we can get Tuskins snr a movie career, our dream would be for him to play the dog sidekick in I am Ladgend 2 starring our favourite movie actor/singer of all time Will Smith
                                                Zombie Tuskins Snr

Tuskins Snr is like the dog version of Hollywood movie mega Star Johnny Depp, he can play various roles like comedy + action but his main speciality is horror, particularly Zombie movies.

Eldoret to get the last of our food shopping and to book Nick's flight back to Narobi. We went to one of the main supermarkets Nakurmart, soon as we walked in me and Nick spotted the two most stunning things you could ever lay your eyes on.
3 Litre chrome flasks
                            The thought of having 3 litres of tea made us happy

after the shopping before heading back to Iten we decided to have dinner in Eldoret, Karl had chips and beef burger and me and Nick choose the ultimate lads dinner. Ugali Matumbo which is intestines and a Malta Guinness. This dinner set me up for the big battle the next day.
                                           The ultimate lads dinner


Yet again this was another group fartlek session but this time Karl joined me for battle and Nick came along on the warm up for team motivational speaker. During our warm up three Germans passed us who were on the way to the start of fartlek. Me and Karl both looked at each other and nodded as if into say let battle commence.
                                            Just before the big battle

We arrived at the start of the fartlek and as usual there were around 200 Kenyans waiting to tow the line for the battle with me Karl and the Germans all at the back. Few words were spoken we looked at each other like when Rocky looked at Tommy Gunn in Rocky 5 before they had a big street fight.
The session was 2 minutes off 1 minute, I did 12 and Karl did 10. The Germans were quite away off us and Victory was ours.
I make that two world wars, one world cup and to add to that one fartlek.


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